How to Download Product Files?

  1. After purchasing, you will be taken to a download page to download the products which you have ordered.
  2. All products are contained in a .zip file.
  3. After clicking the download link, select “save as” and save to your hard drive.
  4. Once the download completes, right-click on the .zip file located on your hard drive and choose to extract. You may need to install a third party application such as 7-Zip to perform the extraction.
  5. Your files will be extracted into a new folder called “IT Managers Playbook”. Note: Do not extract the Requirements Traceability Matrix .zip file within the new folder, it should remain as a .zip file for importing into Confluence.

How to Import Requirements Traceability Matrix Space into Confluence?

1. While logged into Confluence, click on “Settings”.
2. Under Administration, select “Import Spaces”
3. Select “File”, browse for the Confluence .zip file on your hard drive and wait for it to complete uploading (may take several minutes). Then click “Import”.
4. Select “Skip JIRA Macro Repair” if prompted on screen with this option.
5. Your new Confluence Space called “Traceability Matrix” will be visible under your Spaces on the main Confluence page.

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